Research Simplified

Spade allows you to directly on, automatically cite, assess credibility, and webscrape webpages.

awesome annotations

With Spade, you can mark up a page as if it were on paper.

Annotate Directly

on a webpage using a pen, highlighter, and textboxes.

Notes are Saved

to the cloud so they appear even after you exit a page.

Share Annotations

with colleagues, peers, and friends for reference.

cool citations

Spade automatically cites webpages in MLA, Chicago, APA and compiles citations into a list for you.

ready ratings

Using artifical intelligiance and web scraping, Spade reviews the credibility of the webpage for you. Relavance, author, grammar scores and more are calculated into a final rating.

get information fast

Tired of reading large chunks of text?

Spade allows you to summarize paragraphs for digestable reads and understand new vocab

Understand your research

Let Spade work for you

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